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We are proud of the cedar furniture and other cedar items that we handle at Cedar Furniture Outlet.  These are all quality outdoor and indoor furniture items, and garden products built to last.  All of our furniture and garden products are made entirely of solid clear-grain Western Red Cedar or Northern White Cedar.

Many of our furniture pieces are available as kits which you assemble (those items we have available as kits are indicated on the individual product information pages).  All of the necessary hardware to assemble each kit is supplied, and all hardware is zinc-plated to resist rusting.  All of the individual pieces have rounded-over edges for safety and comfort.  And all pieces are fully sanded to 100 grit to provide for a smooth finish.

For both the assembled and unassembled kits, complete instructions are provided (including illustrations) to enable you to quickly and easily assemble your furniture and start using it. The furniture is easy to assemble because all holes have been pre-drilled.  And the individual parts have all been precisely made to ensure snug-fitting assembly, and a strong piece of furniture.

Kit Options

Many of the cedar furniture and garden items that Cedar Furniture Outlet handles are provided in kit form.  Almost all of these are available in two versions - an assembled kit, or an unassembled kit.  (Availability is clearly indicated on the catalog page and on each individual product page.)  Each will provide you the finest in cedar furniture (indoors and outdoors), and garden furnishings.

Assembled Kit illustrationOur assembled kits only cost a little bit more, yet save you time and effort in assembling your furniture.  If the furniture item is not available fully assembled, then these are the kits to purchase if you want to have the least amount of work to do, and want to start using your furniture as soon as possible.

Depending on the item, 70-90% of the assembly work has already been done for you.  The individual pieces have been pre-assembled into a few sub-assemblies which are quickly and easily bolted together (using the provided hardware and instructions).  Everything has been pre-drilled, and pre-fitted so that minimal effort is required on your part.

Unassembled Kit illustrationIf you want to save some money, and enjoy building things yourself, you might wish to purchase the unassembled kit.  The exact same craftsmanship and high-quality materials are provided, including all necessary hardware and complete, illustrated instructions.  All pieces are precisely cut and milled to exacting standards.  All edges are rounded-over, and all pieces are fully sanded.

All holes are pre-drilled.  You simply use the provided hardware and follow the detailed, illustrated instructions to assemble the pieces into a few sub-assemblies.  (These sub-assemblies are provided already assembled in the assembled kit above.)  It is then a simple matter to bolt the sub-assemblies together to fully assemble your quality piece of cedar furniture.

The choice is up to you.  Both produce the same quality outdoor furniture at reasonable prices.  And both enjoy the same full guarantee.

We offer a few assembly instructions as PDF downloads.  These will serve as examples of our assembly instructions.

Care and Maintenance

Both Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar are excellent choices for outdoor furniture and gardening products.  (see Cedar for more info)  Cedar has an inherent natural ability to resist rot, decay, and insects.  It is a dimensionally stable wood, meaning that it will resist splitting and warping (a common problem with treated pine wood products) - staying straight and flat season after season.

Many of Cedar Furniture Outlet's outdoor furniture and garden products arrive completely sanded, but unfinished.  It is possible to use our unfinished products immediately upon assembly.  Many prefer to enjoy the subtle aromatic, fresh-cedar smell of their furniture. Because of cedar's properties, it is possible to allow your furniture to age naturally.  However, properly applying any of several finishes to your furniture and garden products can extend the lifetime of the item significantly.  (See Finishes for finish options)

Our cedar furniture, both outdoor and indoor, requires very little maintenance.  An excellent protection can be provided to the wood, without applying an actual finish, by using a quality wood sealer  (Thompson's Wood Sealer is one of several fine products).  This will afford some protection by sealing the pores of the wood from penetration by water.  This will help lessen the effects of water raising the grain of the wood, yet still allow a natural aging to progress.
If used, a sealer should be re-applied once a year.

Wood naturally expands and contracts with temperature and humidity and weather changes. Once a year, inspect your furniture for looseness, and tighten the hardware of any loose parts as necessary.  Clean your furniture as necessary if it gets dirty.  Care must be taken not to use wire brushes on cedar when cleaning.  The extractives in cedar are prone to staining when they are in contact with iron, resulting in a blue-black blot or streak.

Check your finish, tighten loose assemblies, and keep your furniture clean is about all you have to do to keep your furniture in service for many years.

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