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Using PayPal - The Ordering Process Explained

Who's this PayPal?

PayPal allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely and conveniently send and receive payments online.  The PayPal service lets users send payments for free.

PayPal has very nearly become the defacto standard for online payments, with over 164 million members worldwide in 190 markets encompassing 17 currencies.  Their size, reputation, and convenience has made them the leading online payment system for online business, including eBay (which acquired PayPal in 2002).

PayPal has numerous security measures in place to ensure your protection. They, of course, operate what is known as a "secure server", meaning that all critical financial and personal information is handled using extremely secure encryption.  Your data is safe and secure with PayPal, and you can purchase through them with confidence.  PayPal has a strict privacy policy, which you can review if you wish.

Step-by-Step Through a Purchase with PayPal

When you are ready to make a purchase from Cedar Furniture Outlet, simply click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" button  the PayPal Add to Cart button -- to place an on-line order, found on each product page.  At any time you may click the "View Cart" button  the PayPal View Cart button -- to review the contents of your PayPal shopping cart to review the contents of your PayPal shopping cart. From either button you can initiate the checkout process.

You will be taken to the page for the purchase of each specific item that Cedar Furniture Outlet handles on the secure PayPal server.  It is from this secure server that you will enter the data to make your purchase.

[ Note:  One way to verify that you are on a secure server is to check the address for the site shown in your browser's address bar.  A secure server will have an "s" after the standard http part of the address (i.e.  "https"), indicating it is a secure server.  Never enter sensitive data at a site which does not have a secure server! ]

Note that you do NOT have to first establish a PayPal account in order to make a purchase from Cedar Furniture Outlet.  Here's a run-down of the procedure to make a purchase, using any major credit card, just as is done on countless other ecommerce websites securely taking online orders:

On any Cedar Furniture Outlet product page, click on the "add to cart" button adjacent to the product you wish to purchase.

The contents of your shopping cart is shown.  You can adjust the quantity of items that you wish to purchase.  You may continue shopping if you wish, adding other items to the shopping cart.  The shopping cart will keep track of your items, updating the cart with each addition. When you are ready to checkout, from the shopping cart page click on "secure checkout" which will bring up the secure PayPal checkout page.

You will note that the parent company of Cedar Furniture Outlet is Willis Enterprises, and that "PAYPAL *JOSH WILLIS" appears in the header of the checkout page, and the items you are about to purchase are displayed, along with the purchase price and the shipping charge.

If you already have a PayPal account established, you can login to your account to continue processing your purchase via your PayPal account.  You do NOT need to establish a PayPal account in order to make a purchase.  If you simply wish to make your purchase using your credit card (all major credit cards are accepted) you can do so by clicking the "click here" button next to the line that reads:  "If you do not currently have a PayPal account,".

This will initiate several screens where you enter the basic shipping, billing, and credit card information that is required for any online purchase.  First a screen is displayed where you will enter the shipping information.  When completed, click on "continue checkout" to be taken to the billing information screen. If you had checked the "shipping and billing address are the same" checkbox on the shipping information page, the billing address fields will be automatically filled in for you - otherwise fill in the appropriate billing address information.

Next you need to select the credit card you wish to use for your purchase from a drop-down list, and then enter the credit card number and expiration date of the card in the appropriate fields. As an additional security measure, you will also need to enter the 3-digit card verification number located on the back of your credit card. Also check to verify that the name in the name field is exactly the same as the name on the credit card, and correct if necessary. Verify that the billing address is correct.

Then provide your email address  (in order to receive an email receipt of the transaction) and your home phone number  (A requirement of the credit card company.  Your phone number will NOT be abused in any way.)

As a final security measure, PayPal requires that you type the letters and numbers displayed by a graphic.  Ultimately, these security measure are for the protection of your personal data - and the success of PayPal is testament to the effectiveness of these security measures.

Review all of the information that you have entered, and when satisfied that everything is correct, click "continue checkout". (Note that if at any time you wish to cancel a purchase, that a "cancel" button is provided on every page of the purchase transaction.)

A "Make Your Payment" page is displayed, where you are given a final chance to review your purchase before making your payment.  Please review all of the information, and if satisfied, click the "Pay" button. (Note that you are given the opportunity to correct any information, and that any applicable tax will be applied.)

Finally, you are shown a "You Have Completed Your Purchase" screen with the notice that your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *CEDARFURNIT".  You are also provided a receipt ID and a notice that a receipt of this transaction has been sent to your email account.

At this time you are also given the opportunity to set up a PayPal account for easy payment of future purchases.  PayPal already has most of the necessary information to establish this account from your recent credit card purchase.  A "Save Your Information with PayPal" button will initiate your PayPal account set up.

That's it! "Quick - Convenient - Safe - Secure".  It's really very simple to make online purchases with PayPal as your payment mechanism  (It takes a lot longer to explain the process than it takes to do it).  And you can rest assured that your transaction remains secure.

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