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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is the difference between an assembled kit and an unassembled kit?

A.   An assembled kit has the major sub-assemblies of the product already assembled for you.  You simply need to use the provided hardware to bolt the assembled parts together (using the supplied instruction sheet).  An unassembled kit requires a little more work from you, but you can save some money.  Following the included instructions, you assemble the sub-assemblies, and then as above, bolt the sub-assemblies together to complete the piece.
[ For more information (with diagrams) please see Kit Options on our Product Information page ]

Q.   How can I find out the dimensions of your products?

A.   The dimensions of every product is shown in two places on the site.  Each individual product page displays it's dimensions and weight in the product description area to the right of the main product photo.  For most items the dimensions are also given beneath the thumbnail photos on the catalog page (and all category introductory pages).

Q.   What does the shipping cost?

A.   Shipping charges are displayed on the individual product pages, in the product description area to the right of the main product photo.  Usually, the assembled kit shipping price is given (unless there is no assembled kit available for the product).  Shipping charges are generally 20% of the purchase price.  You will also be given the shipping price for each item during payment when using the PayPal "Add to Cart" button.

Q.   Do you accept credit card payments?

A.   Yes.  We can accept credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express - either by phone  ((512) 494-5658), or through our online payment processor, PayPal.  (Learn more about using PayPal.)

Q.   How do I place an order?

A.   We can process orders online, by phone  ((512) 494-5658), or by mail.  We process your order online using our online payment processor PayPal.  We also accept checks and money orders by mail.  See Ordering for complete information.

Q.   What sort of warranty do you offer for your products?

A.   In addition to the 30 day manufacturers warranty, each of our products has a 15 day unconditional return policy.  Your satisfaction with our products is 100% guaranteed.  See Warranty for more info.

Q.   Do you have             ?

A.   Our entire product line is shown in the online catalog on this site.  If you don't see it there, we don't have it.

Q.   If I order today, when can I expect my furniture to arrive?

A.   If payment is made by credit card via phone, or online through PayPay, you will generally receive your order in 7 to 10 days.  If payment is made by check, the check must clear before shipment is made.  For more info see Ordering.

Q.   Does the furniture come finished?  If not, what are your finish recommendations?

A.   A large portion of our cedar furniture and garden products are only available unfinished.  Many of our upscale items are offered with a natural oil stain weather finish.  Finish options available for any individual item are indicated on the individual product information pages.  We also discuss Finish Options for your cedar furniture and garden products.

Q.   Do you sell wholesale?

A.   Yes, we do accept wholesale orders on many of our products.  The minimum wholesale order is for 6 of an individual item.  If you are interested in a wholesale purchase, please review our Wholesale Information page.

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