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Our Complete Accessories Catalog

Our complete online catalog of cedar accessories is displayed here.  To ensure that our customers have the very best selection of rustic cedar furniture and accessories we handle items from three major manufacturers.  We have one of the largest and most complete cedar furniture collections available on the Internet, and we feel confident that at Cedar Furniture Outlet you are sure to find cedar furniture and accessories to match your style, your decor and your budget.

We offer several hard-to-find cedar accessory items.  Other cedar furniture items that can accessorize can be found in the other furniture sections of our site, so feel free to look around.  As always - half of the fun is in mixing and matching items you find to suit your individual taste.

click for full product information on Quilt Chest -- 34   click for full product information on Armoire -- 37   click for full product information on Firewood Rack -- 1002, 1003, 1004   click for full product information on Frontier Log Mirror -- 33

Quilt Chest
37"W x 17"D x 22"H
assembled:  $259


38"W x 17"D x 58"H
assembled:  $429


2ft Log Style Firewood Rack     1002
24"W x 18"D x 27"H
assembled:  $59

(3ft and 4ft also avail.)


Frontier Log Mirror
27"W x 2"D x 27"L
assembled:  $69

click for full product information on Wilderness Mirror (with etching) -- 40C   click for full product information on Decorative Fish -- 010        

Wilderness Mirror (with etching)     40C
27"W x 2.5"D x 27"H
assembled:  $129


Decorative Fish
33.5"L (approx.)
assembled:  $29


Feel free to mix and match any of our furniture, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to phone (512) 494-5658 or to .

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